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Family Law

We deal with all aspects of family law such as legal separation, divorce, child custody and support, permission to travel, spousal support, parent relocation, adoption and more.

Small Claims Court

Get the help you need for your small claim court procedures. Get the proper coaching when you take legal action without a lawyer.

Immigration Law

We have a great expertise in many areas related to Canadian Immigration. We help our client to obtain the proper visa they need to work, to study or to reunite a family member in Canada.

Lawsuit Alternative

Did you know that there are other ways to settle disputes without going to court? It’s cheaper, faster and sometimes more effective.

Business Law

If you have a small business we can help you prepare legal documentation and to help you make decisions regarding legal transactions that may be more complex than they seem.

Record Suspension

We will help you throughout the process of the Criminal Record Suspension (Pardon) and Rehabilitation.

About Us

Stiverne Law Firm offers a set of legal services for individuals and businesses to legally protect them and to help them to solve various issues with our professional legal advice.

Most of our clients are references from past clients or other lawyers because of our great ability to deal with difficult cases, demonstrate understanding and compassion for our clients, and our ability to think outside the box to find the unconventional solution when necessary to achieve the desired results.

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